Complete Detailing

Exterior Detailing

Our exterior detailing services includes a hand wash, removal of all tar, grease, grime and clay, a buff and hand wax. We also blackout wheel wells, steam clean the wheel wells and tires, and apply dressing to all vinyl, plastic trim, and tires.

Interior Detailing

Our interior detailing services include cleaning door jams, door panels, seats (including seat pockets), carpets, floor mats, the glove compartment, dash, instrument cluster, steering wheel, steering column, console, package tray, a/c vents, mirrors and windows both inside and out.

On fabric seats and carpets an extractor is used to maximize the cleaning process. Leather upholstery is cleaned with leather cleaner followed by leather conditioner.

Complete Detailing:

Our complete detailing service Includes all of the above and a thorough cleaning of the trunk, trunk jams and trunk liners. Additionally, we provide a full engine steam clean which includes a full steaming of the engine, engine compartment, and dressing applied. We will also give your vehicle a hand wash, hand dry, clay bar and machine polish. This is an enhancement polish, this will enhance the sheen and shine of the paint by 30-40%. Then, we continue the treatment using a hand wax with a carnauba based wax. We clean under the wheel wells, tires, grill, and emblems - all of the exterior details. When you open your gas door it is going to be detailed and clean inside.

Onto the interior! We clean your headliner where your sun visors are located, all the way down to the tracking the seats are in. The seat belt and push buttons, all the upholstery, carpeting, and floor mats all get hot steam and water extraction. We will thoroughly clean In between the seats and the console, the console, instrument cluster, steering wheel, a/c vents, cupholders, door panels and hinges. Every little nook and cranny will be subject to thorough cleaning!

This is a $550 package and it is a Special for $375. If the vehicle has any excessive soiling, pet hair, hay, sand, etc. there will be an additional charge.

Engine Detailing

Please contact us for further details!

Mini Detailing:

Hand wash, hand dry, clean rims, tire dressing, vacuum seats and carpets in vehicle, and exterior windows.

Drop off notice:

Our drop off time is between 8-9 am and pick up time is 5:30pm. If the vehicle is finished sooner we will call you and let you know that it is done.

We are open Monday -Friday 8am- 6pm.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to get scheduled!