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Aqua Tek Coatings

Published on
April 10, 2024
AquaTek Coating - Ceramic Coating Products
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Who’s ready for our new product? Aqua Tek is the newest addition to our Cool Auto arsenal. What is it and what sets it apart from our other products?

Aqua Tek was created with the intent of providing good customer service, while also pushing out value and quality products. They are designed in the US and made in Japan. Here at Cool Auto, we strive for client satisfaction beyond anything else, so Aqua Tek couples our ideals together, while still having the highest quality of Glass Coatings that we can provide to our amazing customers.

Let’s get into what Aqua Tek actually is. It is a ceramic coating, but Aqua Tek prefers the term “Glass coating” as their product is like that of glass once it is applied. On a chemical level, Aqua Tek coatings are made from Silicon Dioxide that harden once they are applied to the surface of a vehicle’s paint. Aqua Tek does not contain any oils or PTFE. Once hardened, it is a hard protective layer above your car’s paint with the appearance of a shiny glass-like finish. This coating allows your vehicle to be protected against UVs, oxidation, environmental contaminants, and scratches to a certain degree. Like our other Ceramic Coatings, Aqua Tek still provides that hydrophobic quality to your vehicle along with its resistance to heat. Aqua Tek provides up to a six-year durability guarantee for your paint.

Aquatek Ceramic Coatings on top of a vehicle hood with a glass like coating

Here at Cool Auto Detail, we have many similar products to Aqua Tek, like IGL coatings and Ceramic Pro, but we chose to take on this product because of their strong philosophies in customer service while providing high quality. Along with that, all of Aqua Tek products are one layer- one step processes. This means that the time is severely cut down from some of our other products in regards to applying the product onto your vehicle. It is one layer, but one layer gives your vehicle a strong, protective glass coating for up to six years.

Aqua Tek’s newest product released at SEMA 2023, “Clarity”, is a window glass coating on your windows with a 6-month warranty to reduce water spots. It has impressive hydrophobic properties, it also makes the glass surface easier to clean from bugs, bird droppings, etc. The Glass coating provides at least 6 months protection for vehicles that are in the elements all the time. For vehicles that are kept away from the elements, protection can last 15 months. It can also improve visibility under harsh conditions like winter rains and monsoons, and can help decrease chattering wiper blades.

Aqua Tek also offers coatings for PPF, Vinyl, and a wheel and metal coating for all of you Harley lovers (or those who want your exhaust to shine). In addition, they have a maintenance spray for maintaining your ceramic coating that is recommended for monthly use to create a slick feel, increase hydrophobic effect, and coating durability. We have the maintenance spray here at Cool Auto for purchase!  

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce Aqua Tek to our product lineup for our esteemed clients at Cool Auto in Tucson, AZ. Just like Aqua Tek, we wholeheartedly believe in the philosophy of "Always do the right thing" for our clients. It's not just about fulfilling your ceramic coating needs; it's about exceeding your expectations and ensuring that every interaction with Cool Auto Detail is a testament to our commitment to unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction.