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Engine being steam cleaned and pressure washed

Is it safe to steam clean your engine?

Learn the safety and overall top benefits for proper engine and undercarriage cleaning and maintenance in our latest blog post.
Steamy Talk
cloudy car window

Don’t let your window film cloud your vision!

Does your car get that weird cloudy film inside the windshield? We can help you with that.
Cleaner Windshields
two buckets for hand washing and rinsing your car

The Two Bucket System

Elevate your DIY car washing routine to pro-level status with the 'Two Bucket System' - a time-tested technique revolutionizing the way we wash cars.
Two Buckets, One Car
car with for sale sign

Tips for Buying or Selling A Car

These tips for buying and selling a car are here to relieve stress and make the whole process smoother for you.
Sell Ready
car with an ill fitting car cover on it

Car Covers and California Dusters

‍Despite what many would think, car covers aren't always the best way to maintain the upkeep of a vehicle...
Covers and Dusters
snow chains on car tire in winter

Winter Auto Safety Checklist

Make sure you get the car holiday ready as well this month! Read our essentials checklist!
Safety First
AquaTek Coating - Ceramic Coating Products

Aqua Tek Coatings

Discover what sets this quality glass coating apart and how it provides durable protection for your vehicle.
Aqua Tek Coatings
rodent nest in auto interior cabin air filter

The Mysterious Case of Interior Odors

What's really lurking inside your car's interior this Halloween? The answer may spook you!
What Smells?
front view of a red hood of a car

Car Paint Layers and Types of Paint Defects

Peeling Back the Layers: Understanding the Science Behind Automotive Paint Systems
Peel Back The Layers
picture of hood of car with area that needs car paint correction

Prepping your vehicle for paint correction

Prepping your vehicle for paint correction is key to achieving flawless results. Don't skip this vital step in car care. Learn why here.
Paint Prep
hood of grey car with a lot of sun damage from Tucson sun

Arizona Sun Damages Your Car's Paint

Is the scorching Tucson sun taking a toll on your car's paint? Learn 8 tips to protect your vehicle from the desert's harsh elements.
Let's See The Damage
pink jeep after car detailing in Tucson Az

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating adds extra protection to your vehicle making it easier to clean and maintain your car's exterior
Ceramic Coating
detailing a car interior with deep upholstery stains

Expert Carpet Upholstery Stain Removal

Learn Cool Auto's expert stain removal process for for carpet and upholstery when detailing a car interior.
Stain Removal
close up of bristles of an automatic car wash

The Dangers of Automated Car Washes

Discover why automated car washes fall short and potentially cause damage to your car's exterior finish.
Proceed With Caution
picture of trunk infested with packrats

Packrat Removal and Prevention

Are packrats getting into your vehicle? Here's a 5 step guide on packrat removal and prevention from a professional auto detailer.
Removal and Prevention
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