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Car Covers and California Dusters

Published on
April 10, 2024
car with an ill fitting car cover on it
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Arizona is quite the dusty state as many of us know, and that dust leaves no exception for what it gets on. Cars, of course, are no exception, especially those that aren’t being driven everyday. But what is a person to do with all the dust that collects on our cars? Certainly not a drive through car wash because that can ruin a car’s paint. So what is the answer?

Despite what many would think, car covers aren't always the best way to maintain the upkeep of a vehicle. Although car covers were made to try to keep your car's paint protected, they can actually cause more damage than if you were to leave it uncovered. Car covers that are not sized correctly to your vehicle can shift around due to wind or people brushing up against it which can cause it to rub against the vehicle and scratch it. Car covers can also collect dust underneath it , especially if it is again, not properly sized, and when it’s removed can scratch the paint. A lot of people tend to set things on top of car covers because they give you a sense of security because you think it is protected, when really it can still cause scratches. Car covers also tend to attract rodents such as pack rats, because it’s a nice covered space for them to get cozy on cold or rainy days.

california duster

California Dusters seem like a nice and easy way to get rid of dust on your vehicle, but after several uses, they start to collect micro dust particles that will end up scratching your vehicle's paint every time you brush it across your vehicle's surface. Sometimes these scratches won’t be noticeable. Usually the kind of scratches these dusters cause are small and won’t be easy to see at first glance, so you won’t even realize that it’s causing your vehicle damage right away. Yet over time micro-scratches will appear.

So, what is the answer in that case? A good microfiber towel! Microfiber is the best material to dust and polish a car’s paint. We only use the best quality microfiber towels at Cool Auto Detail because we care about your paint. The important part of microfiber towels is not only the microfiber material, but also how they are cleaned and used.

To properly use a microfiber towel, all tags must be removed to prevent scratches. If there are any rough seams, then the towel should be folded in such a way that they won’t touch the paint. Beyond that, it is important to wash your towels in cold water and air dry them because they are made up of polyester and heat will melt or distort the fabric. If they become damaged due to excessive heat, then they will also damage the paint creating “wash marks” and scratches on the paint making them unable to be used on the painted surfaces.

Yes, all of this seems incredibly tedious, but our customers deserve the best detailing in Tucson, so the extra mile is a piece of cake for our team. Carrying over these habits to your paint will ensure the most satisfactory quality that is possible. So just remember, car covers and California dusters are a bad choices if you want your paint looking as nice and healthy as possible. It’s always better to just keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle. Keeping it washed and waxed or ceramic coated and using the proper materials, techniques, and equipment to ensure there will be no damage to the paint.

Of course, if you do still decide to get a car cover, it is important to buy the right car cover for your vehicle. The best car covers, if you choose to use one, are ones that are custom fit and soft material. Typically you would want to use a car cover on a vehicle that is not driven often so that taking the car cover on and off happens less often, preventing it from constantly rubbing against the paint. We only advise car covers to be used on vehicles being stored inside in Arizona.