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Expert Carpet Upholstery Stain Removal

Published on
April 10, 2024
detailing a car interior with deep upholstery stains
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Stains are a frustrating challenge, especially when they mar your car's interior. Unlike simple laundry stains, removing deep carpet upholstery stains requires a more intricate and specialized approach. At Cool Auto, we take pride in going the extra mile to address our customers' auto detailing needs. Our proven stain removal process delivers outstanding results, ensuring your car's interior looks pristine.

Identifying and Preparing for Stain Removal

Before tackling any stain, our experts identify its source. Protein-based stains, like milk, demand a different treatment from oil-based stains. First, we meticulously vacuum the stained area to remove any dirt or grime, allowing us to focus solely on the stain.

Immediate Treatment and Steam Cleaning

For effective stain removal, we start by gently dabbing a towel over the stain to eliminate excess liquid. We emphasize the importance of this gentle approach to prevent stain spreading. Our team then uses advanced steamers to apply and extract water onto the stain, repeatedly if necessary, until it disappears. The steam water includes an all-purpose cleaner, effectively breaking down oil, milk, coffee, tea, and other stain-causing substances.

Finishing Touches

Once the stain is successfully removed, we apply carpet conditioner to restore the carpet's pH balance, neutralizing it. For protein-based stains, we add an anti-bacterial cleanser to eradicate any lingering bacteria. This helps in eliminating odors and preventing new odors from developing.

'Wicking' or Reappearing Stains

Car upholstery is very thin and liquids can easily penetrate into the cushion. What seems like a small stain may only be the tip of the iceberg, and a much deeper stain resides underneath. Traditional cleaning methods focus on the fabric, but contaminants lurking in the cushion can cause the stain to resurface as the fabric dries. Deep contaminates surfacing or resurfacing to the top layer of upholstery is referred to as 'wicking'. This "wicking" effect is akin to a sponge sitting in water; eventually, the liquid at the the bottom reaches the top.

We do A LOT of interiors and unfortunately, some stains just tend to come back. We have removed everything from DEATH stains to wine stains, and still, what seem like a minor stain can sometimes come back. Stains may need several treatments to remove. Some may never come out. At Cool Auto Detail, we really do care about our customers' needs and understand the frustration of stubborn upholstery stains. To help in these situations, we have a 10 day policy after your car has been detailed to get your carpet re-cleaned at no additional charge, where the focus will be to help remove any remnant of a stain that wasn’t able to be fully removed the first time.


At Cool Auto, we understand the frustration of upholstery stains, and that's why our 30+ years of experience in detailing automotives in Tucson, AZ, sets us apart. Our expert stain removal process yields exceptional results and a pristine interior for your car. Trust Cool Auto Detail for a spotless, fresh-looking vehicle that reflects our commitment to our customers' needs.