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Is it safe to steam clean your engine?

Published on
May 20, 2024
Engine being steam cleaned and pressure washed
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Simply put, YES! Being in business here in Tucson for 32 years, we detail on average 6000+ cars annually, most of these vehicles receive engine cleaning as part of their service. If for any reason we have a question or concern, we recommend and believe it is always wise to consult the vehicle’s manual for any specific special instructions prior to cleaning the engine or undercarriage. We have listed the overall top benefits for proper engine and undercarriage cleaning maintenance. Improve aesthetics: A clean engine just makes the overall appearance of your vehicle look better. It keeps it looking well maintained and like it just came off the dealer’s lot.

Prevents Corrosion

Getting your engine cleaned every 3,000-8,000 miles is ideal. However, annually or semi-annually depending on the miles and use of the vehicle is something to consider as a part of the regular maintenance. By pressure washing and steam cleaning the engine and undercarriage routinely it will prevent dirt, debris, chemicals, environmental contaminants, and road salt from building up to prevent rust from forming. Especially if traveling in states with a high amount of salt from a nearby ocean, chemicals, or salt on roads for snow. Moisture gets trapped by grease and grime which promotes the corrosion of metal surfaces, this then leads to weakened parts and potential failures.

Easier Maintenance

A clean engine makes it easier to spot leaks, worn hoses, or other issues in your engine. Your mechanic may ask you to clean the engine first to identify an issue in your engine. Or if you are doing your own repairs, it will make it easier to spot the issues if the engine and undercarriage is cleaned and visually well maintained.

Helps to Identify Mechanical Issue Early

Keeping your engine and undercarriage steam cleaned and pressure washed every 3,000-8,000 miles to maintain auto health and performance. For example, keeping an eye for rodent and packrat intrusion, which there has been a rise on since COVID. The damage that they can cause can be in the thousands of dollars.

Cooling Efficiency

A clean engine will allow proper air to flow to your engine, which will assist your car's cooling efficiency and help from overheating.

Prevent Fire Hazards

Getting and keeping all the grease and grime off the engine and undercarriage that can be flammable will reduce the risk of fire. Grease buildup is highly flammable, if it accumulates near hot engine parts, or electrical components, it can ignite, potentially creating a fire.

Resale Value

Getting your engine cleaned annually helps the value of your vehicle as it makes the appearance that the vehicle is being maintained and well cared for. Therefore, increasing the overall value of the vehicle at the time of selling, trading it in or lease return.

Component Lifespan

Annual cleaning of your engine can help extend engine components lifespan by removing the buildup on contaminants that can cause premature wear and tear. This will overall be keeping your engine running smoothly.

Enhanced Performance

A clean engine helps the engine to perform at its best. Without all the dust and debris clogging and preventing air flow, an engine will run to the best of it.

Pride of Ownership

Having a clean engine and undercarriage is a clear example of a responsible vehicle owner. It demonstrates pride in ownership and that you care about keeping your vehicle looking and performing at its best.

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