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When investing in a new or used vehicle, it's important to preserve the quality of your purchase. One of the top ways to improve the chances of keeping that beauty in tip-top shape is to add a ceramic paint coating.

Here at Cool Auto Detailing, we use IGL Coatings as one of our ceramic coating products. What exactly is IGL Coatings? IGL Coatings is a Malaysian technology company based in Shah Alam. Their goal is to innovate the world of nanotechnology coatings. We find that IGL Coatings is one of the best ceramic coating options in the Ceramic Industry, hence why we use it for one of our ceramic coating options for vehicles.

One of IGL Coatings most important part of their product make up is the nanotechnology that can adhere to any surface. Their product line includes ceramic for paint, leather, fabric, wheels, headlights, windows, and plastic trim. This nanotechnology bonds to the surface that it is being installed on, impregnating that surface to create a layer of protection from the outside world. The layer of ceramic coating is protecting that surface from foreign contaminates. When it fully cures it has a hardened protective coating; protecting whatever substrate it is applied to. IGL Coating is applied to create an extraordinary gloss clarity.

In regards to your vehicles’ paint, Ceramic coatings are a permanent layer added to your vehicle’s paint, making it great to protect against oxidation from the harmful UV rays from our scorching desert sun. IGL Kenzo graphing reinforced is a 10H hardness, meaning it is one of the strongest ceramic coatings on the market. Its hardness decreases the ability for chips, scratches, holograms and marring. It has a guarantee against UV protection, bird, droppings and sap as well graffiti. IGL Coatings makes it possible to protect the beauty of a vehicle's paint, by protecting it from the dangers the world throws at it.

Igl coatings kenzo graphene reinforced

IGL Kenzo with Nanotech Graphene Reinforced has a five year warranty. Ecocoat Kenzo is formulated with a higher resin. In addition of the graphing nano platelets improves the adhesion of the Kenzo base on the surface versus creating a stronger and more durable coding tested against 70,000 scrub cycles any valuations to the wear and tear of coding the new and improved graphing reinforced Eco coat Kenzo has raised his durability by 20% to an impressing durability rating of up to five years protecting your prize assets for longer. You have increased durability and protection, resistance, gloss, hydrophobicity, hardness, chemical resistance and slickness. IGL exceeds in its hydrophobicity with a water contact angle of up to 120 degrees, making cleaning your vehicle a breeze.


Along with its great qualities that set it apart from other ceramic coatings, we use IGL Coatings because of their sustainability to the planet and their workers. IGL Coatings makes their supply line sustainable to the issue that natural resources are limited, so they do what they can to allow for limits and preservation of such resources. This Malaysian based company also derives a large amount of their resources from plant-based sources to allow for a cleaner, greener production line. Their zero VOC (volatile organic compound) formula reducing solvents, allows the coverage area to increase with an almost zero loss from shrinkage. Ecocoat Kenzo achieves extraordinary results with just a 2-step base and top application.

When IGL Coatings does use chemicals, they focus on using low impact chemicals, allowing for their carbon footprint to be drastically less than other brands. Overall, IGL Coatings is constantly looking to improve in areas that they can in their production of products to keep the environment safe, while also protecting our paint!

So, why do we choose IGL Coatings as one of the products we use to ceramic coat our customers’ vehicles here in Tucson, Arizona? Well, not only does IGL Coatings protect our cars against the desert heat, but it also protects against any other threats to your car’s paint or interior. Despite IGL Coating being one of the best in the business, it isn’t the only reason we use it. We love it for its sustainability and common care for the world that we all share. Here at Cool Auto Detail, we want to take care of our customers’ detailing needs, ceramic coatings needs and overall, the planet as a whole.

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IGL Coatings - IGL Ecocoat Kenzo™

IGL Coatings' offerings are eco-friendly, sustainable, and low VOC, so you can ride around in style and guilt-free. The glasslike finish of their coatings gives your vehicle a beautiful glossy exterior, while also defending against nicks and scratches. With this coating's self-cleaning properties, it's easy to keep your vehicle looking sharp for months on end.

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Ceramic Pro Coatings

Ceramic Pro® is a clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating, based on a revolutionary formula. When cured, this technology will chemically bond, transforming itself on the surface to become a rigid, superstructure of nano-glass, protecting the substrate it is applied to indefinitely. Ceramic Pro® was designed as an industrial, multifunctional, protective coating for all surfaces. The nano-ceramic glass coating forms an exceptionally strong durable shield, resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, harsh weather conditions, and corrosion.

Our Ceramic Process

Preparation: Before applying the ceramic coating, the vehicle's paintwork needs to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. This typically involves washing the car to remove any dirt, grime, and contaminants. Decontamination methods like using a clay bar or iron remover may also be employed to ensure a clean surface.

Paint Correction: If necessary, a paint correction process may be performed before applying the ceramic coating. This involves removing swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections through compounding, polishing, or a multi-step correction process. It helps achieve the best possible surface condition before applying the coating.

Surface Evaluation: The paint surface is examined to ensure it is free of defects and contaminants. A paint thickness gauge may be used to determine the thickness of the clear coat and ensure that it is suitable for the coating process.

Application: The ceramic coating is applied to the paintwork in a controlled environment. The process involves using applicator pads or specialized coating applicator tools to evenly spread the coating onto the surface. The detailer works in small sections to ensure thorough coverage and avoid any missed spots.

Curing: After applying the ceramic coating, a curing or bonding process takes place. The coating needs time to chemically bond with the paintwork, creating a durable protective layer. Curing times can vary depending on the specific product used, but it typically ranges from a few hours to a couple of days. During this time, it is essential to keep the vehicle away from water or any potential sources of contamination.

Post-Curing and Inspection: Once the coating has fully cured, a post-curing process may be performed to ensure the coating is properly settled and any excess residue is removed. The vehicle is then inspected to ensure that the coating has been applied evenly and that the desired level of gloss and protection has been achieved.

IGL and Ceramic Coating Pricing

Includes include prep work (wash, decontamination, surface cleanse), enhancement polish/nano primer and coating application.
Prices below do not include any necessary paint correction.

Pricing starting at
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2 Year Ceramic

Coupes: $690
Sedans: $790
SUVS/Trucks: $890+

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5 Year Ceramic

Coupes: $1,490
Sedans: $1,590
SUVS/Trucks: $1,690+

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5 Year IGL

Coupes: $1,490
Sedans: $1,590
SUVS/Trucks: $1,690+

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Add On Services

Browse a set of some of our featured add on services


Hand apply IGL Ecocoat Premier™ sealant

Hand apply IGL Ecocoat Premier Sealant, Zero VOC nanotechnology, non yellowing, high gloss, dirt repelling coating that crosslinks with the surface of the paint of the vehicle. High UV and acid resistant, improves gloss, slickness, and protection.


Ceramic Pro interior protection

Ceramic Pro is hand applied to upholstery for protection to repel spills for easier cleanup. This is applied to just the two front seats and a bench seat for this service.


Ceramic Pro interior textile, leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic all interior surfaces

Ceramic Pro Interior encompasses coating all interior surfaces so that they are coated and protected from UV rays, spills and minimizing scratches and wear, extending the life of the interior.


Ceramic coat on all exterior glass

A hand-applied layer of ceramic on all exterior glass - 2 coats creating a hydrophobic surface for the water and bugs to repel, also decreasing water spots for ease of maintenance.


Ceramic coat all exterior plastic

Ceramic coating all plastic surfaces, protecting them from the harmful UV rays, decrease water spots and protecting the longevity of the plastic surfaces.


Ceramic coat all wheel faces

A hand-applied layer of ceramic on all wheel faces. The result is the surface will have a higher resistance against high-temperature, brake dust, micro marring, chemical attack, and staining.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ceramic coating for vehicles?

It is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with the vehicle's paintwork to create a durable and protective barrier. It has hydrophobic properties that make it easier to clean as water, dirt, and grime have a harder time adhering to your vehicle's surface.

How long does ceramic coating last?

Ceramic coating lasts for the length of the warranty for that brand of coating that is being installed. Coatings have different warranties whether that be a six-month, 1 year, 2-year, 4-year, 5-year, lifetime and so on. All ceramic coatings are considered semi-permanent as your paint is considered semi-permanent as well.

After care of ceramic coating is extremely important just as caring for anything that you care about. Proper maintenance and care are essential.

Ceramic coating regarding paint is nanotechnology. It bonds to your paint system if it is a professional grade ceramic coating. Not a ceramic spray wax. The time that your ceramic will last on your vehicle has to do with several components.

1.Was the vehicle properly prepared, was it washed, ironed, clay bar performed, paint corrected if needed, surface wiped down before coating all nooks and crannies. All of this in a clean indoor environment.

2. Professional grade product used by a professional installer with experience

3. Aftercare: How is the vehicle washed and maintained? Depending on the product that has been installed on your vehicle. Cure time is anywhere from 7-14 days unless an IR cure lamp has been used.

4. How it is after the coating is maintained is extremely important. Wash habits and techniques are of the utmost importance. Drive through car washing is not recommended for any vehicle ceramic coated or not. Make sure you use pH balanced shampoo, proper wash mitts, microfiber towels, and or drying towels with a 2-bucket wash system with grit guards.

5. Annual maintenance will give longevity to your ceramic coating.

Is ceramic coating good for your car?

Ceramic coating is a coating that is super hydrophobic causing any dirt, grime, or dust to encapsulate and stay on the surface and roll right off what surface is coated, self-cleaning. Ceramic coating penetrates the pores or foundation of the service it is being applied to and creates a barrier between that surface and the outside world from oxidation and corrosion. Its UV inhibiting properties will prevent any fading or aging from damaging UV rays on any substrate. Superior hardness of 9-10H hardness. Regular factory paint is a 2-3H hardness. The surface can withstand temperatures of 648.9C/1200F.  This creates an extremely protective glass-shield that is sleek and glossy, preventing bird dropping, tar, sap, dirt, and stains from bonding. The hardness of the coating will reduce the surface from becoming damaged from scuffs and minor scratches. It has strong durability; it can only be removed through heavy abrasion.

Ceramic coating is available for many applications: Paint, wheels, PPF, vinyl, leather, suede, plastic, glass, carpeting, tile, chrome, wood, granite, stainless steel, and rubber. It is used commercially, in homes, offices, on buildings, on heavy equipment, large ships and by the military.

How much does ceramic coating cost for a car?

Here are some general price ranges to give you an idea:

  1. Entry-Level Packages: These are typically basic ceramic coating packages that offer some level of protection. Prices can range from $200 to $800, depending on the size of the vehicle and the quality of the product.
  2. Mid-Range Packages: These packages often provide better durability, gloss, and longevity compared to entry-level options. Prices can range from $800 to $1,500 or more, depending on the vehicle size and the brand of ceramic coating used.
  3. High-End Packages: These packages typically use premium ceramic coating products and may include additional services such as paint correction, thorough surface preparation, and multiple layers of coating. Prices can range from $1,500 to $3,000 or more, depending on the vehicle size and the level of service provided.