Steam Cleaning and Conditioning Options

Steaming Cleaning and Washing Options:

Undercarriage Steam Cleaning:

Our undercarriage steam cleaning service consists of placing vehicle on racks to steam clean transmission, transfer case, axles, frame and suspension. This is necessary to detect any rust from engine fluid leaks, for car shows & car enthusiast.

Engine Steam Cleaning and Packrat Removal:

Like flossing your teeth at a dentist, regular cleanings can prevent minor things from becoming big problems! Water getting into the alternator or the engine sensors, can cause damage and can also push dirt and guck onto belts – causing squeaks! You should be cleaning your engine every 3,000-8,000 miles to maintain auto health and performance.

Our Services include pressure washing the engine. engine bay, and engine jam. We wash exterior of the engine and the engine compartment, applying dressing to protect and beautify the engine.

We can also help you get those pesky packrats and nests out of your engines. Packrats enjoy chewing on car wirings, and can quickly do thousands of dollars of damage to your vehicle!  Once they mark their territory, the risk of having them return increases dramatically. Let us help you protect your automobile with regular cleanings.‍

Leather and Vinyl Cleaning and Conditioning:

Our leather cleaning and conditioning service includes a full cleaning and application of conditioner to interior leather seats and door panels.